Sure Green Loves Beautiful Lawns

Beautiful homes deserve beautiful lawns around them. There are many benefits to a professionally designed, well-kept yard. In addition to boosting curb appeal, regular lawn care keeps the ground around your home healthy and pest free. However, the level of care elaborate lawns require isn’t ideal for most homeowners. If daily maintenance is overwhelming, call professional landscapers from Sure Green Lawn Care. We serve the entire Salt Lake City area with quality landscaping services. With experience in engineering, design, biology, horticulture and art, you can rely on our team to plan and execute the best strategy for your own lawn. With our passion for landscaping combined with our expertise, you can expect original ideas and designs for your home that is guaranteed to turn heads.

Landscape contractors know that every piece of land is unique and part of a larger ecosystem, which allows them to analyze the site and come up with an effective conceptual design. The Sure Green Lawn Care professional landscape designers will stick with you throughout the entire process of the landscaping project, from the initial designs to the construction phase.

Our Professional Landscaping Services

Landscape professionals of Salt Lake City can beautify your lawn or garden.

Utah is a unique climate for landscaping. The cool, arid climate makes it perfect for cactus, succulents and sage, as well as desert and mountain flowers. Garden planning and planting is one of our many services available to homes in Salt Lake. Our flowerbed services are great for garden lovers who might not have time to design, plant and care for their lawns and businesses across the Salt Lake area.

While our flowerbed-side manner is impeccable, we also offer landscaping services such as lawn aeration, pest control, weed removal and fertilization. These services ensure that your lawn stays fresh and healthy all year round, from the hot dry summers to the damp cold winters.

Sure Green Lawn Care even has landscaping for master gardeners. We conduct installations, care and maintenance for wood or stone fixtures around your lawns. Want a new deck, porch or patio? No problem. We also work with gazebos, fountains, sprinklers and other structures on your lawn.

Why Sure Green Lawn Care?

If you’ve always dreamed of owning a home with a beautiful lawn, Sure Green Lawn Care is one of the best landscaping companies in Utah. Our professional landscaping services will ensure that you have the healthiest, most attractive lawn in your neighborhood. We provide everything from expert lawn maintenance, sprinkler installation, deck, porch and patio design and construction.

Take control of your yard and turn it into something incredible with Sure Green Lawn Care’s Salt Lake City landscaping services. You can call us today at 801-897-5296 for information on our landscaping services or you can fill out the online form on our website.

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