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Maintaining a healthy beautiful lawn in Utah all year long can be a difficult task for any homeowner. That is why we have extremely well-trained technicians and an exceptional lawn care program that will tend to your yard throughout the entire season.

Lawn Care for Sugar House and Salt Lake City, UT

Maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn in Salt Lake City can be difficult to do. It can be unseasonably warm in the winter and that can throw off the balance of your lawn when spring rolls around. This is around the time your lawn should be hitting its stride for perfection, not looking brown. With Sure Green Lawn Care, you can get that spring green look all year round.

Not all lawn fertilization services are created equal. Our lawn care program includes six customized fertilization treatments designed to keep your lawn looking green and healthy. For your lawn, we only use the best products for optimal results.

Our lawn fertilization treatment includes both liquid and granular lawn applications. There is nothing we can’t do to give you a gorgeous thick green lawn all year long. These treatments will ensure a healthy growing lawn when applied regularly and we’ll make sure we hit any weeds your lawn is dealing with.

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Our lawn care treatments include the following services:

Grub Control

If you’ve ever had billbugs or other grubs in your lawn, you know how destructive this can be for your lawn. With Sure Green Lawn Care, you can relax. Our Grub Service will not only get rid of the existing pests in your lawn, but also prevent new pests from finding their way to your yard.


Over time the soil in your lawn can get compacted, leading to a less healthy, more disease-prone lawn. We recommend having your lawn aerated once a year to allow air and water to move more freely through your lawn’s soil, which in turn will lead to a much healthier lawn. Aeration combined with fertilization will give you a healthy green lawn.

Ornamental Bed Service

Our ornamental bed treatment is especially helpful for those who are tired of wrestling with weeds. With our specialized pre-emergents and topical herbicides, we not only kill your existing weeds, but prevent new ones from growing.

Necrotic Ring Spot

Are rings forming on your lawn? Necrotic Ring Spot is becoming more and more common here in Utah. Though nearly impossible to eliminate, we have solutions that will help stop it from spreading.

With our timely applications, depending on the time of year, our service will provide:

  • Pre-emergents to help stop crabgrass from invading your lawn
  • Fertilization mix in both liquid and granule forms, depending on the needs of your lawn, designed to keep your lawn green and healthy
  • Broadleaf weed control
  • Grub control (for those on our grub treatment program)
  • Disease control (for those on one of our disease treatment programs)
  • Free reservices for broadleaf weeds

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