Lawn Fertilizing

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

At Sure Green Lawn Care, we know that what works for one lawn will not work for another. That’s why we offer customized lawn fertilization treatments that are designed to make your lawn look green and healthy. We use only the best liquid and granular lawn fertilization products to create ideal results. Proper lawn fertilization and weed control mean a thicker, greener turf, fewer weeds and a lawn that is healthy, durable and attractive.

Granular vs. Liquid

Liquid fertilizers are water-soluble powders of synthetic chemicals that contain a mix of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and iron. It’s easy to apply liquid fertilizer to lawns and plants. The concentrate is diluted to create a liquid solution and then applied using a spray bottle or sprinkler attachment. Liquid fertilizer quickly acts to make nutrients available to plants, and some create an immediate effect as leaves and roots absorb the mixture.

Granular fertilizer is worked into the soil after sprinkling or spreading the granules into flower beds or grass. Effects of granular fertilizer last longer because the solid is absorbed in a slower rate. Release period of granules can vary from a month up to nine months. The advantage of slow-release granular fertilizer is that you don’t have to apply it often. There is also organic granular fertilizer without chemicals available if you want to significantly decrease the chance of damaging your lawn.

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If you want your lawn to look better than ever, call Sure Green Lawn Care today. We proudly serve Salt Lake City, Sugar House, Sandy and other areas in the Salt Lake area. In addition to fertilization, we offer grub control, aeration, ornamental bed services and necrotic ring spot treatments.

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