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Spring Lawn Care

After a long, cold Utah winter, spring is a relief to everyone along the Wasatch Front. More sun brings your family and pets outdoors, but with spring also come cleaning and chores. If you want a lush, healthy lawn in the summer, Sure Green Lawn Care offers services to help you prepare for more sun and fun.

Spring Yard Cleaning

Months of snow and ice leaves loose debris around your lawn. Sure Green can assist you by cleaning your yard before you dig into more complex tasks. There are several steps to clean your lawn completely before spring really hits.

Remove debris, like fallen branches and twigs to make room for any lawn equipment that may comb through your grass. Dead leaves, twigs and old loose compost have to go too. A simple comb over with a rake can remove these from your area. Sure Care can also prune and trim shrubbery around your home after months of harsh winter weather. Once your lawn is clear and clean, you’re ready to fertilize and plant.

Pre-Emergent Fertilizer

Once the spring hits, pesky dandelions and crabgrass is a common eyesore. Pre-emergent fertilizer is one of the best methods to prevent weeds from sprouting on your lawn later in the season. Sure Green can apply pre-emergent fertilizer to your lawn to prevent unwanted plants from germinating and spouting.

Keep in mind, pre-emergent is not ideal for all lawns. If you plant new grass seed this season, avoid this mixture to keep the grass you want alive. These strong chemicals can kill new grass seed if you lay it down too early. However, some grass seeds aren’t effected by pre-emergent, so be sure to check the labeling or talk to your Sure Green Lawn Care professional
It’s essential that the pre-emergent is spread evenly through your lawn and watered evenly. Check our page on sprinkler care and maintenance. Your Sure Green professional can guide you on maintaining your weed-free lawn.


Your lawn needs to breathe and thaw after a long, harsh winter. Lawn aeration ensures a happy and healthy spring lawn by creating small holes in the ground. Sure Green Lawn Care’s aeration makes way for helpful flora and fauna and reduces soil compaction so your grass can also lay long roots underground. This ensures a healthy lawn for years to come. Compacted soil is an obstacle for rainwater and sprinkler irrigation. See our page on lawn aeration services for more information.

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