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Sure Green Lawn Care can provide your lawn with a fully functioning sprinkler system.

Sandy, UT sits in the midst of an arid zone, making water a precious resource.

However, a healthy and well maintained lawn and garden will require watering on a consistent schedule. Broken sprinklers can drown grass on some parts of your lawn, leaving other patches of your lawn to dry up in the sun.

For excellent sprinkler repair services, call the experts at Sure Green Lawn Care. Our team has been serving the citizens of Sandy with high quality sprinkler repair for many years. If you find yourself needing an effective, working lawn sprinkler system in your front and back yard, our lawn care professionals are here to help. We can tackle any sprinkler system repair or installation, big or small.

Overwatering Your Lawn

The saying “everything in moderation” also apples to water, even in Utah’s dry climate. While it may seem like a good idea to err on the side of too much water, this can be extremely detrimental to your lawn and plants.

Overwatering can be a symptom of a broken sprinkler system or an overenthusiastic water schedule. Whatever the cause, the results can be harmful. Both the appearance and health of your lawn can be negatively affected. Too much water can cause fungus like mushrooms and brown patches in your yard. Large amounts of water can also draw in weeds, white grubs and beetles. See our page on pest control to prevent further damage.

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Every sprinkler system is different, but Sure Green Lawn Care can assist in sprinkler repair to ensure your lawn gets the hydration you need. Contact us if you need help with your sprinklers and other lawn care services. We serve Salt Lake City, Holladay and the surrounding Wasatch area.

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