Beetle and Box Elder Bug Pest Control

Box elder bugs and beetles are common pests in Utah. These little pests can wreak havoc on your home and garden. If you’re not careful, these critters can migrate from your yard into your house to accommodate the seasons. Although not aggressive, box elder bugs and beetles will eat your plants and be a nuisance. Set up your pest control services with Sure Green Lawn Care today to keep these bugs from ruining your enjoyment of your home.

How Do I Know I Need Pest Control Services?

If your Salt Lake City or Utah County home is in need of pest control, there will be definite signs. Here are a few things you can look for while inspecting for infestations around your home.

Environment: During the warmer months, box elder bugs and beetles will be in the yard, occupying maple, box elder and ash trees. When the temperatures drop, these critters will head to your home for a warmer environment.

What they eat: Beetles and box elder bugs will snack on trees, flowers, and seeds. These critters can killt trees and other plants by sucking the nutrients out of them.

Signs of infestation: Now that you know the places these pests inhabit and eat, identifying the areas will be much easier. If you notice that during the prime summer months your plants are dying and trees are beginning to fade earlier than they should, you might need box elder and beetle removal. You may also notice these pests during the colder months as they migrate into the warm areas in your home.

What do I Need to Do for Box Elder Bug and Beetle Removal?

The best thing you can do for box elder bug and beetle removal for your Utah and Salt Lake County home once you notice the problem is call Sure Green Lawn Care. Our technicians are certified and trained to help your yard look great with proper pest control. Our team is dedicated to helping your lawn always looking its best, and that includes box elder bug and beetle removal.

Call Sure Green Lawn Care today at 801-897-5296. We can get you set up with a free estimate for your pest control and lawn care service. We serve homeowners all over the Wasatch Front and can help you fix your infestations.

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