Hornet and Wasp Removal

When you’re at your home, you want to feel safe at all times. In Utah, hornets, wasps and other stinging insects can infest your home and become problematic for your family. Hornets and wasps are notoriously aggressive, so removal of the nests is crucial for your family’s safety. At Sure Green Lawn Care, we want your family to be safe with proper and effective hornet and wasp pest control.

How We Remove Wasp or Hornet Nests

When our trained professionals come to your home to take care of your hornet or wasp problem, they will go through a series of steps.

Locate Any Nesting Sites Around Your Home

We will conduct a thorough spot check of your property. Attics, trees, sheds and other shaded areas are popular spots for these pests to nest in or around your home. When you contact Sure Green for your pest control, our technician will look for these hotspots and create your wasp or hornet removal plan.

Remove Hornet or Wasp Nests

Because of the aggressive nature of hornets and wasps, our pest control technician will wear protective gear and promptly remove the nesting from your home with the aid of pesticide. It should be noted that we will not remove beehives from homes because of their delicate nature. We will refer you to a beekeeper who will retrieve the hive from your home.

Eliminate the Hive’s Food Sources & Place Traps

If for whatever reason your home has a wasp or hornet problem and we cannot find a nest on your property, it may be within your neighbor’s property. In these cases, we can place traps in areas throughout your property that will help prevent infestation onyour property.

Contact Sure Green Lawn Care Today!

If your Salt Lake or Utah County home is in need of hornet or wasp control, give Sure Green Lawn Care a call today. Our team takes pride in getting the job done safely and effectively.

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