Spider Extermination Services in Salt Lake City

Have you ever been minding your own business in your home and suddenly been scared by the sight of a spider? Even the roughest and toughest of people may get spooked by a spider every now and then because they can be nasty little creatures.

Not to be too scary, but a few of the most dangerous spiders call Utah home. These scary spiders in the state include black widows and hobo spiders. These spiders carry a venomous, potentially deadly bite. They can settle in your home and rapidly reproduce before you even realize it. If you have too many spiders in your Salt Lake City area home, make sure to call Sure Green as your exterminator to eliminate these pests.

How Do Spiders Get into Your Home?

Spiders are sneaky and will often enter your home through open or poorly screened windows and doors and through cracks and gaps in the window or door frames. Spiders will enter your home looking for food and prey, not realizing they have entered in your territory.

Here are three tips for preventing spiders from infesting your home:

1. Clean outside the home. Make sure your home and yard are cleared of webs frequently. This will prevent spiders from nesting in your home.

2. Purchase spider traps. If you find places that spiders can come into your home, traps may be a viable option for helping exterminate them. Corners, windows and piles of wood are popular places for spiders to hang out.

3. Trust the team at Sure Green. Our team of spider exterminators is trusted and knowledgeable in keeping your home free of spiders. Our team will give you the peace of mind that comes with a spider-free home. We also help you learn a few tricks to keep spiders out of your home.

Your Spider Extermination

To help you relieve your home from the spider infestation, Sure Green will come to your home and investigate the situation. Our technicians will look around for the tell-tale signs of where the spiders are coming in, where they are living, and what the level of danger is. Then, we will come up with a plan to exterminate these pests. We use the safest products to ensure the spider extermination is done properly and safely.

Our spider extermination program includes:

  • In-depth inspection of your garage and around your home
  • Inspection of the interior of your home, especially around windows
  • Exterior treatment around the foundation of your home to discourage/prevent spiders from entering
  • Interior treatment (if necessary)

For spider exterminator, call us today at 801-897-5296. We provide free estimates for Holladay and Salt Lake City, Utah, area homes.

Rodent Control

Sure Green Lawn Care is there to help rid your home and lawn of all pesky pests, including mice and rats. Nobody likes to have these annoying little creatures around their home. These troublesome rodents can carry disease and leave a mess behind that is hard to clean. Our technicians have successfully eradicated these problems from many homes and properties by using advanced bait and traps.


Voles are small rodents that are commonly called field mice, and they can burrow in your lawn. If you see small tunnels roughly the size of your pinkie finger throughout your lawn, this could be a great indication that you have voles in your yard. Our technicians have had success with specialized baits and traps. Not to worry, we can free your lawn of these pests.


Cockroaches may burrow in warm, humid environments, like kitchens and bathrooms, or even in damp basements. Get these deviant little creatures out of your home with our specialized cockroach treatment.

Pest Control Program Details

Our Integrated Pest Control program includes:

  • Thorough inspection of the garage and perimeter around your home
  • Inspection of the interior of your home including the kitchen and bathroom areas
  • Exterior treatment around the foundation of your home to discourage/prevent pests from entering
  • Interior treatment (if necessary)
  • 15 foot granular application barrier in grass
  • Removal of wasp nests and cobwebs from eaves

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