Tree & Shrub Care

Maintaining a healthy beautiful lawn in Utah all year long can be a difficult task for any homeowner. That is why we have extremely well-trained technicians and an exceptional lawn care program that will tend to your yard throughout the entire season.

Tree & Shrub Bug Protection

You spent a lot of time and money planting your trees and shrubs, so why should bugs get the best of them? For any non fruit-bearing tree or shrub, we can make sure they don’t. Your trees and shrubs will be protected for the entire year, putting you at ease, and your trees and shrubs too for that matter.

Tree Fertilization

Fertilizing your trees will help ensure beautiful trees year after year. With our once a year treatment, you can expect just that.

To get a quote on your tree and shrub care, call Sure Green Lawn Care today at 801-897-5296. We offer free estimates for your Holladay and Salt Lake City, Utah, area home.

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